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Comfortably the world’s cleverest bean bag bed

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! We imagine you’re here to learn more about the ingenious Bean2Bed® – so if you’re sitting comfortably (and that’s kind of the whole point) then we’ll begin...

Bean2Bed is a unique, award-winning bean bag that swiftly transforms into an unbelievably comfy bed. When we say swiftly, we’re talking less than 30 seconds; no hassle, nothing complicated, just a good night’s sleep all wrapped up. Check out our demo video to see just how easy it really is!

Now, you could of course just buy a boring, run-of-the-mill beanbag. And spend money again on a guest bed. We promise the beanbag wouldn’t be anywhere near as comfortable; As for your guest bed…you might go for sofa beds or futons, if only they weren’t so cumbersome and ugly! And air beds will just leak and squeak till they’re flat on the floor, not much fun for your guests.

A Bean2Bed will save you space, money and time – and gain you some serious cool points into the bargain.

Time to spill the beans...

We’ll let you in on a secret. Instead of those cheap Polystyrene balls, our revolutionary bean bags actually contain a blend of high-grade and memory foam.

That’s what makes Bean2Bed so much more comfortable than other beanbags – and of course it also means no rustling, no sagging, no refilling and no tiny white balls turning up on random parts of the carpet.

Bags of choice, for every use and taste…

Whatever your fancy, you’ll find it right here in our huge range of stylish and funky bean bags. From bright Cords for children’s bedrooms, to contemporary Suedes for a more elegant look. Use a King bean bag as your ultimate gaming chair, or go for a Twin which has an extra bed inside! You pick the Size, you pick the Fabric, you pick the Colour…we put it all together to give you the best seat in your house.

And if we don’t have something you want, tell us and we’ll make it, just for you.


Bean2Bed video

Bean2Bed demo video

Bean2Beds are not only the comfiest bean bags in the world, they can quickly transform into perfect guest beds. But seeing is believing! Take a look at our demonstration videos and see some of our Patented and Trademarked products in action. You’ll see just how easy it is to go from bean bag to bed in just 30 seconds.



No Beans!

Bean2Bed is filled with a special foam that moulds to the contours of your body. Sure, beanbag traditionalists might say it’s not even a beanbag – but we’re comfortable with that. 

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Environmentally Conscious

Our sumptuous bean bags come in a range of colours, but environmentally speaking, all of them are green. The foam we use is specially sourced to ensure maximum recycling and no wastage. 

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Quick Dispatch

We make your bean bag to order – yet you’ll only have to wait a few days to get your hands on it! Order before 10am on Monday and we will have it ready to send out on Thursday! 

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European Delivery

If you live outside the UK, don’t worry – we’re not going to let you miss out on the comfort of Bean2Bed. We dispatch right across mainland Europe, delivering in as little as 2 days.

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